House Of
Transformation (HOT)

“Our mission is to assist teens to establish tools in their tool box to help them navigate through life more effectively.”

– Laura Johnson, Founder

House Of
Transformation (HOT)

“Our mission is to assist teens

to establish tools in their tool

box to help them navigate

through life more effectively.”

– Laura Johnson, Founder


About HOT



Have you ever seen a teenage girl living on the street and wondered how she got there? What was the difference between her life and the life of your teenage daughter, sister or niece? What was the one turning point that destined her to a life that she did not desire?




Laura Johnson





At House of Transformation, we aspire to change that turning point for as many at-risk teenagers as possible. Through counseling, simple exercises, job training and art therapy, we work with at-risk teens, ages 15-21 years old, recognize their worth as contributing members of society. That restored pride and sense of self-worth that they gain through House of Transformation could mean the difference between those teenagers becoming a CEO or business owner and them becoming just another statistic.

For our founder, Laura Johnson, this is more than just an admirable mission. Her own family was devastated when her niece voluntarily went into the Foster Care system due to unresolved issues stemming from the split of her parents. Partly through Laura’s efforts, her niece has begun the process of healing and is reaching back out to her family. This experience caused Laura to examine her own life and see points where she could have easily taken the wrong pathway. It also laid on her heart the deep need to help other girls like her niece and be the difference-maker in their lives. Knowing that actions speak louder than words, Laura began donating her time at after-school Foster Care programs for siblings to spend time together and become motivated through art therapy, jewelry design, vision boarding and coaching.


About Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson, grew up in a small town in California. At age 21, realizing the town lived and thought inside the box, she moved to LA to live completely outside of that box.

Through many trials and tribulations she came to a crossroad in her life contemplating suicide. Though this was not her first attempt throughout life she knew it could be her last. But instead of taking her own life, she decided to face her challenges. First she started listening to Tony Robbins motivational series. She did everything he said to do to change her life. After following his work, she noticed HUGE shifts. So she decided to do a few self-development seminars to dig deeper to find out what makes Laura tick. After attending various workshops many people spoke about vision boards and the magical power behind them.

Vision boards are pictures, thoughts or ideas of how you wish to manifest your life. She made her first vision board 8 years ago. She traveled to 15 countries in five years participating in Soul Journeys, Past Life Regression in the temples of Egypt… Experiencing beauty beyond belief in the Great Barrier Reef… Experiencing life at all levels traveling through Asia… Fine art & fashion in Paris… Culture and architecture design in Amsterdam.

From depression to desire and destiny, she had no idea how she was going to get to these destinations but knew in her heart it was part of her journey. When she made the conscious decision nothing was going to stand in her way- the money and people magically appeared.

Dreams come true to those who believe and work towards them everyday. Manifestations come from true-heart intentions. Be very clear and specific and watch your opportunity grow.

Her journey has taken her through many life-altering experiences. Life is going to happen. It’s up to you to choose how you will show-up, respond or react; while at the same time, empowering others to share their dreams and life-lessons to move forward FASTER.

She is a transformational coach and jewelry designer. She gets to shift lives, educating and creating young entrepreneurs with skills and tools for their toolbox to help navigate through life more effectively.

She does mind, heart and soul transformations sessions utilizing life-line technics by Dr. Darren Weismann to shift the subconscious mind, along with color therapy, rapid-eye movement to open the vortex of the brain that holds onto pain bodies… Aroma-therapy and tuning forks… And using Heart Math techniques she can assist with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. She help others ‘get out of their head’ and ‘into their heart’. This is where true healing happens. Last but not least, she use techniques with Denise Linn’s coaching to help you find your soul’s purpose. Always committed to learning, growing and furthering hery education to create & share positive possibilities.





Our Tools


The greatest tools that we use at House of Transformation are our ears. Listening to at-risk girls’ experiences prepares us to understand their pain and self-image. Only then can we determine what we can do to help. Sometimes, all a teenager needs to impact their life is to be heard and taken seriously. Challenges in life seem a little more manageable when someone hears you and understands your situation.

At House of Transformation, we use Dr. Matsui Emoto’s techniques and exercises to teach teens to look at life differently. One exercise we employ is we have teens speak kind and harsh words to jars of rice for 30 days. Amazingly, the harsh words spoken to the rice change the molecular structure, demonstrating the power of negative and positive words. Exercises like these provide tools that teens can add to their toolboxes to navigate life more effectively.

The instructors at House of Transformation use their passion and artistic skills to teach teenagers about business. Partnering with Designs by Lala, the teens are encouraged to express themselves by designing, creating and selling jewelry. They learn about business in a fun and creative setting. They are given knowledge for running their own businesses and taught that a positive attitude can open doors. Further, the teenagers are given the opportunity to earn a living which could be the difference in itself of them not being homeless.

House of Transformation exists to transform lives of at-risk teenagers through compassionate counselling and restoring their self-worth and confidence. Our hope is that when these teens look back through time at the paths they could have taken, they will realize the positive impact House of Transformation had on their lives and will pay it forward.

What People Say

  • Laura Johnson is a very special woman with an almighty vision. A tough upbringing saw laura develop into an awesome designer, a devoted student of personal and professional development, one of 9 luminaries featured in the film Dreamcatchers (2010) Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women and graduate of CEO Space. This venture is the culmination of a life’s dream and years of dedication.

    Mike Handcock Rock your life events/Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur —
  • CCM Loves the vision of what Ms. Johnson has presented to us regarding the House Of Transformation. We are looking to have Laura create a version of the program for the Caribbean Islands because this is definatly a tool which young women in the islands need today.

    — Anthony Phills Founder of Caribbean Commerce Magazine —


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